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Anbarım provides both warehouse and office rental services. There are both separate and warehouse-based office rooms available. We aim to provide you with the greatest assistance possible in these areas based on your request.

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Our advantages

Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Our staff, who have many years of experience in the storage industry, are ready to provide you with excellent service. We'd like to highlight some of our company's key advantages for you.

Video surveillance

Constant monitoring with a video surveillance and alarm system installed in the warehouse area.

Concrete floor

Concrete roads intended for warehouses and concrete flooring of warehouses.

24/7 security

The area is protected 24/7 by internal security and police officer. Our constant protection and security are always at your disposal.

Logistics opportunity

Easily accessible travel by direct highways to other cities and countries without entering the city.

Storage types

Dry and cold storage areas are installed with concrete panels that comply with modern standards. 

Uninterrupted electricity

High-voltage transformers and generators in the area provide quality and uninterrupted service.