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Do you require secure storage for your business? You can rely on our secured warehouses, that feature cutting-edge technology, along with our simple booking procedure, prior payment, and product storage discounts.

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Temporary storage of office furniture

Keeping excess or unused items in the offices

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Storage of commercial goods

Storage of various incremental items on
a daily and monthly basis

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Short- and long-term storage of the equipment

Special packaging and storage of various types of equipment

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Storage of archives and documents

Storage of confidential documents and archives in  a completely secure environment

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Rent of warehouse offices

Constant control of goods from an office within the warehouse

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Sorting and storing your items seasonally

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Other services

Benefit from our other services

"Anbarım," a company that offers safe and secure storage for your goods, puts comfort and quality at your disposal through its services.

About the packaging service

Sorting, safe and quick packaging of all sorts of goods, regardless of their size and kind;

  • Safe, organized, and proper packing of goods for shipping, unpacking, and reinstallation;
  • The opportunity for maximum use of warehouse space with professional packing and packaging;
  • The usage of various forms of packaging (stretch, polyethylene, cardboard, etc.) in accordance with the client's requirement and the mode of cargo transportation;
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About the technical support system

  • Safely disassembling and reassembling furniture, office supplies, and other heavy items.
  • Elimination of various malfunctions and hazards, repair, or replacement of features within the office and warehouse.
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About delivery service

  • Delivery of any kind of goods from one location to another in a safe, efficient, and affordable way;
  • Organization of a reliable and cost-effective delivery system based on the volume and size of the cargo;
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